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Orange County wedding photographer Brian LaBrada offers brides in the Orange County the very best in wedding photography.

Engaged? Are you still looking for the best Orange County wedding photographer?

When looking for wedding photography in Orange County, here are the Top 5 things to take into consideration.

1 Personality

When considering an Orange County wedding photography professional you are looking for more than just a person holding a fancy camera. You want to find someone who has a personality that will be compatible with your’s and your fiancee’s. Look for a photographer who’s work you love and then meet with them to discuss your needs. Because we rarely hug people we dislike or creep us out, use the “HUG” test to decide if you like them. After the meeting, regardless of whether you booked with them or not, do you feel like hugging him/her? If yes, he/she might be in the top running.

2 Price

On average, an OC bride will meet with three wedding photographers. When meeting with a photographer, keep in mind that your wedding photographs are for forever. Most Orange County brides have a specific budget they are working with and you are probably no different. Many Orange County brides budget between $3500-$6500 for their wedding photography. Before you discount a photographer because of price, ask if they have payment plans available. Just remember, after the Honeymoon, kids, and countless anniversaries, your wedding photos will be all you have to remember of your wedding day.

3 Wedding Albums

After you see the hundreds of beautiful photographs from your wedding day, what will you do with them? Most Orange County brides realize that they can’t rely soley on a breakable CD/DVD to archive their images. Even when you store them on your computer, that computer can crash and all your amazing wedding images would be lost. The best way to preserve and display your wedding photos is with an elegantly designed, custom wedding album from an Orange County Wedding Photographer. This album will become your first family heirloom. One day, your grandchildren will own it, be sure it’s going to last

During your Orange County wedding photographer selection, be sure to take into account the albums that your photographer offers. You should be able to see, touch, and flip through the album pages. If your Orange County Photographer does not offer albums, you might not be dealing with a full service studio.

It is important to keep these questions in mind when looking at wedding albums – 1. What sizes are offered? 2. How many pages are in my album? 3. How will my images be designed in the album? 4. What cover options are given for my album? 5. How will I store my album?


4 Coverage

A professional Orange County wedding photographer will discuss the details and timeline of your wedding day. Most brides need 8-10 hours of wedding coverage in order to capture all of the important moments throughout the day. Be sure that your Orange County wedding photographer provides adequate coverage for your wedding day – always double check your hours of coverage before booking your wedding photographer.

5 Engagement Sessions

When selecting your Orange County wedding photographer, it is important that an engagement session be included in your wedding collection. The engagement session allows you, your fiancée, and your photographer an opportunity to work together in a no-stress environment before the wedding. This lends itself well in allowing you to become comfortable in front of the camera in preparation for your wedding day. Because your wedding photographer is also a Creative Director, the engagement session will serve as a preview of what to expect during your wedding day coverage.


Bonus: Number of Wedding Photographers

It is important to ask yourself: How many photographers are included in my Orange County wedding day coverage? In our experience, most weddings need two photographers. This will ensure that the primary photographer is focused on directing and getting all of the necessary shots; it also allows the secondary photographer to shoot a more photojournalistic perspective of your wedding day, capturing those precious candids of your family and friends. By having two wedding photographers, you can ensure that nothing is missed on your big day.

Brian LaBrada is an Orange County wedding photographer based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA offering wedding photography throughout Southern California – Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego – and destinations worldwide.

For more information about this Orange County wedding photographer, please visit or call 909.257.8182.


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