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Top 5 Reasons You Need an Engagement Session

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You’re engaged! YAY! Now that you’ve spread the happy news – called Mom and Dad, family, friends, and posted that beautiful pic of your engagement ring all over social media – what’s next?? Planning, lots of fun and exciting planning for your super special day. 🙂

Once you’ve set a date and booked most of the important stuff (photographer, venue, bakery, florist), it’s time to think about your engagement photos. Yup, that’s right – setting up an engagement session with your wedding photographer is an important step in the engagement process. Getting married in just a few months? Not sure you need them? No matter how long (or short) your engagement is and if you’re on the fence about them, engagement sessions are very important – for you and your fiance, and for the two of you and your photographer! Let us count the reasons:

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1. Different Season Means Different Look and Feel: Getting married in the summer but love to ski? If time permits, setting up your engagement session in the Winter will allow for some pretty awesome pictures of you lovebirds in a completely different season than your wedding. Love to rent out a cabin in the snow? Let’s head up there and capture some beautiful shots of the two of you in the snow, gathering some firewood in the forest, and even sitting on the porch with your hot cocoa. How sweet is that? Now you’ll have your gorgeous Summer photos AND some more intimate snowy images of ‘you time’ before the big day.

2. Getting Comfortable with Being in the Spotlight: Since most people have never had a professional photoshoot, it will give you the opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera.  (“What do I do with my hands?” We’ll show you what to do!) An engagement session is a great time to get to know each other. We can see how you interact with each other, feel out your personalities, and it gives you a good idea of how we will work with you on your wedding day – all in a stress-free, fun environment.  We’ll be spending the whole day together on your wedding day, so why not get familiar and help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera? We’ll make it fun, get you some special photos, and learn which side is your best side (it’s ok, we all have a ‘bad side’). 🙂

3. Location, Location, Location: We’re getting married in New York but love Santa Barbara! Who doesn’t? And how great would it be to visit your favorite vacation spot to take some beautiful photos? We love to travel, which is why we go anywhere in California to shoot your engagement photos. Want to head out to Miami Beach where you first met, let’s chat! Or if you rather keep it close to home that works too! Think about your favorite places or things to do together. Was it where you first kissed? Maybe where you went on your first date or even at the college campus you two met. In the end, you’ll have some fun pictures to remind you of a special place that you both love.

4. Phone Pictures Just Aren’t the Same: We take a bunch of pictures together all the time! That’s awesome and we all love taking fun shots when we’re out with friends or at the beach, but let’s face it – we never print our phone pics! It’s true, even as photographers our handy iPhone is great in a pinch but it doesn’t compare to a beautifully lit and composed shot taken by a professional photographer. Your engagement session can recreate a date night or even create a whole stylized vision of what you see on Pinterest (we LOVE creating inspiration boards!). And those you’ll definitely want to print for your home!

5. So Many Uses for Your Photos: What do we do with the engagement photos? Aside from adding some gorgeous photos to your home, many of our couples use them for their Save the Date cards, they get an album with their favorite images, Centerpiece decor at the reception, and even print a large canvas for the ceremony. Plus, we also offer a custom guestbook filled with shots from your engagement session – how great is that?! Gone are the days of plain, lined guestbooks. 🙂

Well there you have it, so many reasons you NEED an engagement session! We love working with couples for these photos and can’t wait to meet you. Drop us a line if you have any questions!




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