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A Documentary – “The Light That Shines”

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One of my favorite portrait photographers, Sue Bryce, worked on this amazing project that I’ve been following since last year. While leading a workshop, Sue was taken by the story of a young breast cancer patient and her inspirational story. As a glamour photographer, Sue sees beauty in every woman and captures it with her camera, which is exactly what she wanted to do with this particular young lady.

Quite honestly, I hear about breast cancer all the time, but since I’ve never been personally affected (no occurance in my family or friends), it’s always just been an afterthought.  This video really opened my eyes into the real world that these women live with. I may have been a little naive or maybe I just never wanted to think about it – I know what ‘masectomy’ means but until this video, I never understood how horrible it is to go through. Losing your breasts is a much more public and visible process than a man going through male cancer treatments. And yet, the subject of this project, Jill, has been strong and positive throughout her entire ordeal. It was very touching to see this documentary unfold over the last few months and finally see the beautiful piece produced by Sue and Hailey Bartholomew.

Here are a few of the portraits that Sue shared on her blog.

breast cancer


Please watch and share this video with your family and friends. And ladies, go get yourself checked out!

“The Light That Shines”

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