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My Top Picks – Wedding Inspiration on Instagram

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Today’s post comes to you courtesy of Instagram. Like most people, when I sit in traffic, on the couch, or at the DMV, I surf Instagram on my phone. I will literally spend 3 hours of my day looking for visual “inspiration.”  Be it on Pinterest or Instagram I just have to look.  What I’ve been doing for the last few weeks is search for things that would inspire me during a wedding. Wedding dresses, cakes, flowers, and venues have been at the top of my list. Today, I would like to share with you my top 4 favorites from my most recent search of inspiration.




Here is just a quick run down of why I’ve chosen these 4 Instagramers – in no particular order.

Mary Me Bridal: I searched for #weddinggown and just loved this shot I saw on their feed. It’s a stunning Maggie Sottero “Jalissa” gown. I love the fitted bodice and the beautiful transition into the skirt. Love the Rosettes, love the detail. I clicked on their website link and really appreciated their simple, clean, and elegant design. Check them out at  www.marymebridal.com, they are located in Orange County, Ca. Click on their picture to view their Instagram.

GreyLikes: I’ve been following Greylikes Blog for about a month now and have found it inspirational and full of information. From florals to styling, this site has an amazing assortment of everything related to weddings. You can even search for your wedding vendors under “Grey Collective.” Need a DJ, caterer, coordinator, or florist? They can steer you in the right direction. I came across this fantastic photograph of a couple in Venice on their feed and just had to share it. Look them up at www.greylikesweddings.com and click their picture below to view their Instagram.

Lovely Bride: I started following Lovely Bride this past weekend when I came across their feed and fell in love with the picture below. I clicked their website link on their Instagram and just from the home page I knew I was going to love their stuff. These are the words that popped into my mind when I saw their site – elegant, classic, lace, cream, vintage, and lovely. The dresses in the photo are a preview of their Spring blush line. While a white dress is classic and will forever be the wedding gown color, I really love seeing a non-traditional dress color. Pastels, blushes, and creams are so beautiful on a bride. I’ve even seen a light grey gown that looked amazing. The best part of a non-traditional color is that you get something different, something more “you,” and something that compliments your skin tone (’cause lets face it, white doesn’t look great on everybody). Lovely Bride’s dresses have such an elegant and romantic look and feel to them; I would love to photograph one of my brides in their gowns. Please check out their work at www.lovleybride.com and click below to follow them on Instagram. They have locations in New York and Southern California.

OnceWed: I’ve been following OnceWed on Twitter for over a year now and of course they have awesome stuff. They show amazing photographs, quick tips, tricks and ideas, and have a beautiful magazine in print. I started following them on Instagram earlier last month, and out of all the beautiful things they post, one stuck out in my mind so much that I had to include them on my top picks. They had a picture of a French braid and a how-to tutorial on achieving the same look. You might say, “Brian, whats the big deal? It’s just a french braid,” and you’d be right, it is “just a french braid” to most, but to me, I took one look at that picture and was instantly transported to my grandma’s house. I was about 4 years old, sitting at the edge of the dinner table with my little legs dangling off, my sister was sitting on a small stool in front of me and my grandma would French braid her hair every morning. I would hold a giant comb in one hand and a small bowl of water in the other that my grandma would lightly dip her fingers into to keep the sections of hair tight while she formed the braid. It would last about 30-45 minutes and it was always my favorite part of going to grandma’s. During the holidays, my grandma would French braid all the women’s hair and I got to hold the bowl and comb. 🙂 Check out www.oncewed.com and click on their pic below to follow them on Instagram.

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