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It’s always a huge honor to be featured on highly regarded wedding sites and Bridal Musings is exactly that – a respected wedding inspiration site based in the UK. If you haven’t already, check out the feature here.

Recently, I had the great opportunity to work with Summer Watkins from Grey Likes Weddings. If you haven’t visited her site before it’s a great resource for brides and everything wedding related. I got to work with some awesome Wedding Vendors and had an amazing day. Here are some of my favorites and you can […]

A couple of months back, one of my photo buddy Lauren and I went to Palm Springs to shoot some personal work. We met up super early, made a quick stop at Starbucks, and made it to Palm Springs right at sunrise. (For those of you that don’t know me, I am quite the early […]

I just wanted to share a couple of images from a styled shoot with Grey Likes Weddings that I did this past week. More to come!

I imagine most of us are on Instagram, and if you aren’t, I suggest you jump on the band wagon. The best camera out there is the one you have with you; you can record life’s fleeting moments with ease from your phone. Granted, some people use Instagram for evil by loading your feed full […]

I went to the Natural History Museum with my nephew and took these shots while chasing him around and stopping him from trying to sit on dinosaur bones. I’ve always loved the Museum. Growing up, my parents would pack the station wagon with us four kids and we would head out every Saturday to get […]

I just had to share one of the joys in life, my nephew Logan. He is a giant butterball of laughs and excitement. I think he’ll be the quiet, handsome, reserved one and his brother Dean will be the outgoing pretty boy. Time will tell.         

I had an amazing time in Hawaii. The people, food, and scenery are more than I could have ever imaged. If you have never been, you HAVE to make it happen. These images only barely do it justice. 🙂 If you would like to order a print for your wall, click HERE.

Today’s post comes to you courtesy of Instagram. Like most people, when I sit in traffic, on the couch, or at the DMV, I surf Instagram on my phone. I will literally spend 3 hours of my day looking for visual “inspiration.”  Be it on Pinterest or Instagram I just have to look.  What I’ve […]

One of my favorite portrait photographers, Sue Bryce, worked on this amazing project that I’ve been following since last year. While leading a workshop, Sue was taken by the story of a young breast cancer patient and her inspirational story. As a glamour photographer, Sue sees beauty in every woman and captures it with her […]